Meera (Kasue Hashimoto) was born in Ishikawa / Japan in 1947.
At Musashino Art University / Tokyo she studied art from 1966–1969.

In 1970 she moved to Toledo / Spain where she studied drawing at the Circule de Bellas Artes / Madrid and at the Escuela de Arte / Toledo. Together with other artists she was a co-founder of the Groupo Tolmo as well as Galeria Tolmo.

In 1974 Meera met the Indian mystic Osho. She became one of his disciples and started working in India and Japan. On Osho's suggestion together with Geetesh Gibson she established the Osho Art School in 1979 and started to lead art workshops all over the world.

Meera's unique way of art: creativity, meditation, painting and dancing are one. Within that range she has developed new methods of creative expression. Her groups and trainings aim at re-awakening art and creative expression in everyone as well as supporting a creative growth in consciousness.

Meera offers painting trainings at Osho Meditation Resort / Pune, India and in Ibiza / Spain. She yondurts workshops on creativity and art therapy in Japan and Europe.

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