The Ibiza Painting Training 2011 will take place in Cala d'Hort in the Southwest of Ibiza, close to the magic islands Es Vedra and Es Vedranell.

The unique light of Ibiza from morning to sunset, the blue of the ocean, the sunset colours, the shapes of the pine trees and the clouds will be supporting your ability to expressyourself by painting.

Usually you will be painting and meditating under twisted pine trees on the high shore of the peninsula. A small path will lead you up from Restaurant El Carmen and the group house, passing the waves, over some stony steps to the pine trees.

Between morning meditation and breakfast you may swim in the clear water of the sea only a few meters from the break fast tables. If you like snorkeling you will see many beautiful fishes and an amazing under water world close to the steep coast of our painting area.

Sunset time will be a real high light. Natureshows itself as a creator when sunlight is changing the colours of the rocks, the surface of the sea, the trees, or drawing sparkeling lines along the clouds.

One evening you may visit Sant Antoni to watch the fire shows and listen to the music of Café del Mar and other clubs.

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